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Alfio’s Buon Vino Club

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of subscribing as a Buon Vino Club Member?

 Discover small, award winning wineries whose wines are not typically found in
     local stores or wine shops.
 No more guessing, no hassle and no more bad wine
 Experienced wine consultants to assist you with your wine choices and questions
 Receive priority access to special events and private dinners
 Be a member of our Birthday Club
 Receive exclusive Alfio’s Buon Cibo recipes
 Complimentary Empanadas upon wine pick up
 Free entry to our Annual Raffle
 No Contract, No hidden fees

Why join a wine club versus purchasing at the local grocery store?
Selecting a great bottle among thousands of beautiful labels can be daunting. With a wine shop or grocery store you never really know what you’re going to get. By joining a wine club like Alfio’s Buon Vino Club, you are ensured that the wine has been tasted and “vetted” for you. The same as choosing wine for a friend or family member, we choose only the best for our members. “Don’t get burned” most of the bottles found on wine store shelves come from one of three major corporate wine producers and when you get a bad bottle you can’t return it to the store.

How does the Buon Vino Club work?
Each month we feature a different variety of hand selected wines. Varietals will depend on the selected membership agreement. You may choose to subscribe as a wine club member yourself or you may send a Vino club gift subscription to someone else.

What makes Alfio’s Buon Vino Club different then any other wine clubs?
We taste each wine to make our selections; we meet wine makers and then select the best of their bottles. You can be assured that every wine comes from a small family vineyard. You Know us! We have been running our restaurant for over 7 years in Hyde Park Square. If you don’t know us, stop by and we will share a glass!

How does Alfio’s Buon Vino Club pick wines?
Small family wineries are some of the most passionate in the wine world and their wines are the hidden gems of wine country. These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area. These are the wines that Buon Vino will bring to light from our home to yours. We taste all wines selected and we reject hundreds that don’t fit the bill. We are a small business and it matters to us that the wines we send home with our members are the ones our members will love. These are the same wines we would serve to our friends and family in our homes and restaurant.

Where do the wines come from?
We connect and taste with small, artisan wineries all year long. When we make that perfect connection, we ask questions of them like, “Which wine is YOUR favorite?” “Which wine best represents what you are about?” “What makes your wine different from all the others?” These are the interesting, labor-of-love wines made with personable pride that they want to share, and those are the exact wines we really want our members to experience.

Why the focus on small wineries?
Smaller production wineries are usually more about “passion” and less about “profit”. They are hands on, dedicated farmers who spend all day doing what they love--making great wine—that’s their single goal! For over seven years we have created relationships with wine maker from all around the world.

What is the Alfio’s Buon Vino Club return policy?
Although wine tastes vary from person to person and we stand behind our selections, however at the same time member satisfaction is priority. If you receive a bad bottle please notify staff ASAP and we will replace the bottle.

If you are subscribing to Alfio’s Buon Vino Club for yourself, you’ll be billed automatically on the first day of each calendar month. If you are sending a Vino Club gift, you’ll be billed up front for the total number of gift months you wish to give.
Are there membership fees?
There are no Vino Club fees, you just pay as you go and can cancel with the Alfio’s Buon Vino Club at any time after a 3-month initial commitment.
What is the Alfio’s Buon Vino cancellation policy and how do members cancel?
Individuals can cancel at any time, after the initial 3 Month commitment, with no hidden fees or charges. Email us at or call us at 513-321-0555.

As soon as we speak with you, we will confirm your cancellation.
Can members get only red or white wine?
Reach out to Us we would love to customize your membership to fit your needs.



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