2724 Erie Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45208

Alfio Gulisano​  -Owner

Cooking has always been important in my family, and my experience is to draw from what I know. Combining the flavors of my heritage and the new flavors I'm learning keep me wanting to push for more. In my opinion if you aren't cooking with passion you aren't really cooking.   

Jennifer Birt​ - Owner


I've been working in this industry since my first job at 15. Casual Fine Dining is my favorite type of service I've encountered so far.  My philosophy is to treat everyone that comes in the same way I would if I welcomed them into my home. I want it to be comfortable, inviting, and I want you to leave full. 

Geoff Meyer - Head Chef


From the time I could wear an apron, I loved to help my grandma cook meals for large family gatherings and holidays – times I fondly remember as joyous occasions of family traveling from across the country to sit down and share a meal together. I took this passion to heart when I graduated from The Midwest Culinary Institute with a degree in Culinary Arts , and a Bachelors degree in Food Science from the University of Cincinnati. 

Michelle O'Brien- Manager

I'm passionate about all aspects of the restaurant industry. But the area I'm most passionate about is the Bar. I love having a focus on the Wine, Beer, and Liquor we bring in. My favorite thing to hear is 'This is amazing, I've never even heard of it before!'