Apple and Quince Bread Pudding          10

Warm Apple and Quince Bread Pudding topped with Crown Apple butter sauce and praline crumble


Argentine Crepes          10

Traditional Argentine crepes stuffed with dulce de leche and caramel topped with berry compote


Black Raspberry Tartufo             10

Espresso Gelato encased in a black raspberry gelato covered in a chocolate ganache


Brown Sugar and Goat Cheese Cheesecake   10

Cheesecake made with brown sugar and goat cheese drizzled with a raspberry reduction and amaretto whipped cream


Deconstructed Pecan Pie                10

Pecan pie mousse with dulce de leche bourbon caramel buttery pie crust tuile and a scoop of vanilla bean gelato


Toffee Hazelnut Tiramisu          10

Lady fingers soaked in Frangelico with mocha and toffee layers topped with toasted hazelnuts


Moda Antica                              10

Chocolate cake soaked in Bourbon Amaretto simple with an amarena cherry mousse and orange brown sugar icing topped with bittersweet chocolate


Make it A la Mode for only $2.50

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