Apple Bread Pudding 
Warm apple and quince bread pudding topped with 
Bourbon Apple Butter and dulce de leche, 
praline crumble and amaretto whipped cream

Chocolate Moda Antica Cake
Chocolate cake soaked in bourbon and 
orange simple syrup, with a cream cheese and
amarena cherry filling and orange, 
brown sugar icing topped with bittersweet chocolate

Brown Sugar &
Goat Cheese Cheesecake
Brown sugar and whipped goat cheese cheesecake 
on a graham cracker crust served over berry coulis
and topped with amaretto whipped cream

Chocolate Caramel Tiramisu 
Chocolate ladyfingers soaked in rum, amaretto 
and Kahlua, layered with chocolate mousse and 
dulce de leche mascarpone filling

Reese’s Cup Cheesecake
Reese’s crumble and creamy mascarpone,
topped with a frozen espresso whipped cream 
peanut brittle and chocolate shavings

Mediterranean Olive Oil Cake
Lemon curd olive oil cake with a layer of mixed berry jam, 
topped with a raspberry cream icing and dusted with 
white chocolate and pistachios

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